Reginold Royston and Digital Humanities Research and Pedagogy

Reginold Royston is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin’s iSchool.  As a media and cultural studies scholar, he became interested in the digital humanities because he sees so much of our lives and what we do now as digital: “We live online, stream online and the stream has meaning.”  Royston’s research focuses on how Ghanaian, African and Black subjects produce and interact with media.  He analyzes Facebook posts, Tweets, Snapchats and more to better understand how social media and access to it shapes interpersonal relationships. In this interview, Royston talks about his own research, his classroom projects, the DH projects he loves (including the New York Public Library’s Green Books project, Slave Voyages and African Diasporas Ph.D) and some of the limitations he runs into doing digital humanities work.

Listen to the highlights of Reginolds’s interview here:

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