Dorothea Salo – DH in the Classroom and in the Library (RADD)

Dorothea Salo teaches a Code and Power course at the University of Wisconsin’s iSchool.  In her opinion, it is essential to provide her students with skills that they will need for the job market.  She is also founder and director of RADD (Recovering Analog and Digital Data), a project that is housed in the iSchool library and helps the university campus and Wisconsin community to recover data from outdated media, including 8-track cassettes and floppy disks.  Her commitment to the preservation of data has created a career in which she has been instrumental to the digital community at the University of Wisconsin.  She loves the digital humanities for allowing us to “ask questions and answer them in much more efficient and less boring ways.”

The RADD Center in the University of Wisconsin’s iSchool, Helen C. White, 4th floor.

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