Christina Koch, Research Computing Facilitator

Christina Koch works at the University of Wisconsin’s Center for High Throughput Computing (CHTC), which provides large-scale computing for researchers who need resources “beyond the desktop.”  In her role as a Research Computing Facilitator, she works one on one with scholars and researchers on campus not only to help them with questions and needs for which they approach CHTC, but also to suggest other options that they might not have considered within the realm of their larger research goals. She is looking forward to continuously improving support at CHTC and making connections on campus with like-minded organizations and centers, especially in the humanities. In her interview, Christina talks about digital humanities in general and how it can and does intersect with the Center for High Throughput Computing.

One-on-one consultation, Credit: David Nevala (left). Teaching TTT Sesync, Credit Rayna Harris (right).

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